She has the ability to dissolve anxiety

Barbara Roman German

When I think about Dawn, I visualize her walking in my office before her Zumba class with that big beautiful smile.  She has the ability to dissolve anxiety without saying a word including my own.
Her energy is contagious, electric and authentic, and she selflessly shared that with her students.  I can say with a doubt we were drawn to her because we selfishly wanted to feel the joy she brought us even for just that moment.
In those few years in Iwakuni, Japan that I was blessed to have her on my team and in my life she showed me kindness, love, respect and honesty.  She Is graceful but a fierce recking ball.
The word that comes to mind when I think of Dawn Sanchez then and now is grace.  That undeniable quality that she is willing to share with the world.


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