Call To Duty




Have you answered the call to duty? If you have picked up this book you are on your way to the most riches life ever. You are called to uphold your country and other countries around the world. I pray that this book will be a blessing to your family as it was to mine. I wrote this book for you to encourage you while you are waiting for your spouse to come home from deployment to those that have packed up and is living life overseas. I wrote this book to share my life and experiences to show I needed God every step of the way and the times I forgot my purpose and how I suffered for those actions. I made it funny and used real life situations that has happened to me and my family and how we made it through. So, I pray you enjoy this book and I also pray God gives me another Opportunity to encourage my people of God. This book has been a blessing to me in my life and I must say I didn’t know how proud I am to be a Military Spouse. Be blessed Be safe and Live Happy


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